How to Optimize Your Skin with Optimas

Welcome to issue #4 of Unfiltered. If you missed PRF 101: What it is and Why it May Be Right For You, click here to read it. And if you missed issue The 4 Best Treatments to Freshen Your Face, you can read that here.

Today, I want to tell you all about the award-winning, celebrity-endorsed multimodal medical device that I recommend to all my patients when they want the very best in aesthetic treatments: Optimas.

Optimas is a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind medical device that performs Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling for the face and body, IPL with LUMECCA, and laser hair removal with DIOLAZE.

Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge radiofrequency microneedling device that selectively delivers radiofrequency energy up to 4mm deep in the face, and up to 8 mm deep on the body. The thermal energy emitted at the tips of the needles stimulates tissue remodeling and regeneration to the deep layers of soft tissue resulting in collagen, elastin and fibrin production. 

The result is tighter skin, smaller pores, improved skin texture, improved acne and acne scarring, and it even has a setting to selectively melt fat to help with jowling and double chins. The results speak for themselves and the treatment doesn’t require days of downtime like other microneedling devices. The procedure feels like a deep sunburn which usually resolves over the next 24 hours. This treatment can be done on the face, neck, arms, above knees, abdomen, and back. For optimal results, a series of 4 treatments one month apart are recommended (some individuals may require six).

Skin Clearing Treatment

Living in Florida, we all have our fair share of sun exposure. Even with the best sunscreen and staying indoors, our skin still changes as a result of sun exposure. Over time, even with modest sun exposure, our skin can develop brown spots due to age and sun damage. Our skin also tends to hold on red pigment left over from blemishes or injuries. Now there is a way to address this. 

Lumecca is INMODE’s IPL that delivers short “intense pulsed light” to the skin helping damage cells and pigmented cells to come to the surface and slough off over the next few days. 

Lumecca reveals brighter, clearer, more toned skin in just 4 treatments, with treatments done every month. This treatment will not disappoint!

Hair Removal

The Optimas platform also offers a fast, effective and comfortable laser hair removal modality called DIOLAZE. Whether you are a man or woman, we all have unwanted hair on some part of our bodies. 

DIOLAZE is a fast and effective way to remove unwanted hair so shaving is a thing of the past. From beard shaping to under arms, to bikini lines or backs, DIOLAZE can help reveal smooth, stubble-free skin in as little as 8 sessions done six weeks apart.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Optimas can do for you, contact us here.


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