Regenerative Medicine

The Regenerative Medicine Techniques Used by Mark Wahlberg, LeBron James, Serena Williams and Other Stars and Athletes

Traditional medicine and mainstream anti-aging, anti-inflammatory techniques are often years, even decades, behind the curve of cutting edge regenerative medicine. But when it comes to testing out the latest technology and treatments, elite performers and athletes are typically the earliest adopters, willing to try anything they can to get an edge, extend their careers, increase their energy, reduce pain, heal quicker from injury, maintain strength and on and on.

Eventually, the regiments, routines, rehab procedures and devices used by the world’s best athletes and most marketable celebrities are slowly adopted and made available by the best regenerative medicine facilities (likely long before your basic family doctor knows about it). In order to receive these treatments, you need access to a physician on the forefront of regenerative medicine, like Dr. Purita, and a first-class facility to visit, like Pur-Form.

If you’re curious about the types of procedures we’re discussing, here are a few stars and the treatments they regularly use to stay in peak condition (that are also available at Pur-Form):

Normatec Compression Sleeves:

Kelly Slater, the greatest surfer of all time, is a Normatec spokesman. He spends all day surfing the world’s toughest waves, then uses Normatec compression sleeves nightly on his legs to help rehab and recover for the next day on the water.

LightStim LED BED:

Chris Paul, an 11x NBA All-Star and surefire hall of famer, is in his 18th NBA season. He uses a red light LED bed regularly to help him recover faster between games and workouts.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:

NBA icon LeBron James is one of the top three or four basketball players of all time. He’s known for his on-court dominance and now, as he enters nearly two full decades in the league, he’s known as much for his incredible longevity. What is one key aspect of his ability to stay healthy and recover as he approaches his 40s? Regular use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to heal.


Mark Wahlberg is co-owner of the F45 fitness empire, clothing brands, a successful fast food franchise and, oh yeah, he’s an A-List actor. He’s famous for his grueling 3AM and 4AM workouts and if you’re asking how he could handle that workload and recover day-in and day-out, the answer will surprise you. He is a huge believer in cryotherapy – so much so that he bought his own and uses it regularly to recover and recharge daily.

Red Light Therapy

Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time. She’s also a fashion and design icon who takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of health and wellness. One part of her nightly regimen includes a red light therapy mask to help rejuvenate and revitalize her skin.

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