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Autophagy is a topic that is widely misunderstood. Even well-trained physicians will find themselves giving sketchy definitions of what autophagy is to patients or colleagues. That’s because according to Everyday Health’s Ultimate Guide to Autophagy, a lot of research still needs to be done so we can fully understand this process.

What we do know is that autophagy promotes cell survival by the elimination of damaged organelles and protein aggregates, as well as by facilitating bioenergetic homeostasis. In plain English, this means that autophagy allows for the repurposing of organelles, etc., within the body.

But the tentacles of autophagy reach into many aspects of regenerative, anti-aging, and stem cell medicine because the root cause of many diseases is associated with a dysfunction of autophagy. This is why we continue to study the interplay between autophagy and the risk of age-related pathologies. We believe this will eventually facilitate the development of clinical applications that promote long-term health.

In the meantime, it seems smart to encourage autophagy with a few common eating strategies, namely caloric restriction or intermittent fasting. 

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